Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Upon reading US may go it alone as Blair is caught in diplomatic deadlock, it crossed my mind that it may be a worse feeling to be British than American right now.

Consider: as an anti-war citizen of the US, I have to deal with the knowledge that my government is preparing to do something that most people outside my country think is a crime BUT that most people inside my country will probably give at least tacit support. The sadness I feel is more akin to frustration at the state of public opinion in the US than anything else, since I'm pretty sure the government wouldn't do it if the public were strongly opposed (of course, I could well be wrong about that).

Consider, on the other hand: anti-war citizens of Britain have to deal with the knowledge that their government is trying to do something that is not only deeply unpopular around the world but also AT HOME. In short, the sadness anti-war Brits feel probably has a whole lot to do with the fact that their government is trying to act in clear contempt of the will of the voters. Add to that the image of being Dubyah's poodle AND the increased danger of terrorism Brits face AND the estrangement of Britain from most of the rest of Europe AND the fact that Blair is, among other things, the leader of the Labour Party (at least Dubyah is a card-carrying Republican).

World to Blair: "You're no fun anymore!"


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