Friday, April 25, 2003

This Guardian article talks about UK's Minister (for the) Defense (of the "special relationship") Geoff Hoon and how he and others in the British government have some 'splainin' to do regarding the continuing failure of those Iraqi WMDs to reveal themselves. It is a good article.

On a side note: "Hoon" is a name that makes me snicker, as it reminds me of a component of the slang of my youth. When I was a child, I and others like me used the word "hoon" to emphasize speed, as in "he hooned it to first base". I have no idea what the origins of that word are, and can't be bothered to find out, but I think Blair had better hoon it on the "evidence", lest his revived political fortunes die a swift death.

NEW FEATURE on this blog: I will, from now on, state what I am listening to at the moment of posting. Right now I am listening to dogs bark, crickets chirp, the wind blow, and some sort of critter rustling throught the bushes under the balcony.


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