Thursday, November 13, 2003

I'll bet good money (or would, if I had any) that webmasters around the world are scrambling to add "Jessie Lynch nude", "Private Lynch naked", "Jessica Lynch topless", and other such phrases to their pages, in hopes of generating traffic. What sort of a moron would do such a thing?

Larry Flynt was right about Pvt Lynch (nude) being used by the Bushies, of course. She seems to realize it, as well. Bully for her! I promise, therefore, not to buy any magazine or other product which advertises "Private Lynch topless" or anything similar.

Flynt was, in my opinion, wrong to even hint that he had the pictures (of Jessie nude) however. I can understand his motivation for buying them (like, in case she were to have gone on the campaign tour for Bush's second term and needed a smear job done on her), but once he decided he wasn't going to use them, he should have said nothing.

It reminds me of a sketch on Saturday Night Live back in the day. Bob Saget was the host (bear with me) and he entered a video store staffed by the "Just Shoot Me" guy. The "JSM" guy noted that he had the credit card numbers and home addresses of numerous celebrity customers (like Saget) but he wasn't going to "do anything with 'em" (at least not yet, being the subtext).

I hear "X.Y.U." by Smashing Pumpkins. Before that I heard "Statesboro Blues" by the Allman Brothers, "Concrete" by Midnight Oil, and "No Rest" by New Model Army.


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