Saturday, January 24, 2004

Michael "controversial filmaker" Moore endorsed Acting Ensign Wesley Clark for president. I was surprised and, at first, baffled by the news. I have since read Moore's explanation for his endorsement and, while I don't share his enthusiasm, I at least understand from where he is coming a bit better. (I'm going somewhere with this).

At the heart of Moore's endorsement is the notion that (only) Clark can thrash Dubyah come November. Given that the conventional wisdom seems to have turned on Howie Dean, and given that J(f)K is the newly-annointed frontrunner, Moore's logic is appealing. And now comes word that the Dubyah dissertion story has reemerged . . .

What will Duyah do?

Try this: dump Cheney for Powell.

Over the last few days, I've seen lots of Dick on the web. Cheney, too. He 1) is taking experimental heart meds 2) was late for Davos 3) is talking WMDs in Iraq even though that horse is long dead 4) defending Halliburton. I'm sure there is more. To quote Harvey Keitel in "Reservoir Dogs": [there have been] "A lot" [of stories about Dick lately]. Dick is looking a bit limp. Dubyah has a useless Dick on his hands. And no matter what anyone tells you, Dick is not easy on the eyes.

Why Powell? He's "black", for one thing. That would be very much in keeping with Dubyah's "leave no card unplayed" strategy. But even better, Colin has that whole military thing going for him. Dubyah don't (and neither does Dick, who was more than a bit Deanish during Vietnam). Consider Clark's stars dimmed, should my hunch have merit. And even if Clark doesn't make it, Kerry's Vietnam record would be equally eclipsed.

I know what you're thinking: "But Powell is a moderate! Powell is the diplomatizer! Powell is the anti-Dick!" Keep thinking that way and you may find yourself voting to re-elect Dubyah. For one thing, I have never bought that. For another, Powell is, firstest and mostest, a politician. You don't earn your second (never mind fourth) star without being one. And where did Colin go after his tour in 'Nam ended? The Nixon White House. He stayed in DC, in politically sensitive positions, until he resigned during Clinton's first term. Powell has yet to meet a political task he didn't like. And I'll bet the following scenario has crossed his mind . . .

Vice President Powell becomes the highest ranking elected AfAm pol in US history. He is then within spitting distance of President Powell.

Could I be right? Or could I be more wrong? Either way, you saw it here (first or not, you did see it here).

I hope I'm wrong. I hope Michael Moore is wrong, too, but mostly because I'm creeped out by the notion of electing a general to save the country.


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