Friday, February 13, 2004

An unlucky few of you have been forced, at one time or another (or at one time AND another) to hear me rant about my utter loathing of dogs. Sometimes, when passion gets the best of me, I say something about how I would rather enjoy killing a dog or two. I usually shouldn't be taken seriously, since I'm not a violent person and have never taken advantage of the many opportunities I've had, over the years, to actually make good on my rhetoric.


As I live and breathe there is a dog in my neighborhood somewhere (and he'd better hope I don't find him when I'm armed and in the wrong part of my head) who is begging for early release from his mortal coil. How to describe his bark? Imagine a kid with a Casio VL Tone (old school) who samples one bark of a dog and loops it. Imagine that kid hooking the Casio up to Yngwie Malmsteen's sound system.

I really hope that someone does me the favor of either muzzling him or making him into an ex-perro, ahorritititita.


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