Sunday, April 11, 2004

The title Mexicans? Bring 'Em On! is meant to be ironic, I think, regarding Iraq. The review underneath it, however, misses a parallel it might have done well to catch.

Reckon why those Texans and their allies (almost all of whom were from the southern US) were so keen to get shed of Mexico? The answer is far less noble than you may think (unless you know the answer, in which case you may catch my drift. If you know the answer and don't catch my drift, I may try again.).

In other news, the Cubs lost 2-5 at Atlanta (and Alfonseca, of all people, got the win). Harumph. That means we are below .500. The season is over. We'll get 'em next year!

In other other news, I was pondering Jeebus, what with this being his very special day and all (and what with me not being able to sleep and all) and the following crossed my tiny mind:

1) Jeebus rides into Jerusalem (on his ass! Look it up!) and is welcomed with palms and whatnot (which, in Bible days, was quite a welcome, since palms were precious).
2) A few days later, after dining with his gang, he goes out to meditate in the Garden of Gethsemane. There (while preparing Peter for his future duties as gatekeeper) he is set upon by Judas (a member of the gang) and Roman soldiers. Judas has ratted him out to the Romans for 30 pieces of silver (size never specified: they may have been huge pieces, or may have been tiny, or may have varied).

Here's the thing: did the Romans really need Judas? I mean, it seems like everyone knew he was in Jerusalem (or at least a quite a few people did: didn't the Romans notice the palm parade?). It ain't exactly like he snuck into town in a thief in the night, or anything.


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