Wednesday, March 23, 2005

UN UNEMPLOYED, and legal to boot.

Last Thursday I picked up my official work permit. The Proper Authorities had been processing it for 4 weeks (a Lost magic number!). I began the process after having shown that an employer was offering me work. The process involved the Proper Authorities checking to see whether I might be nefariously filching a job that might just as well be done by a person registered with them as un un unemployed. It appears that there were no indigent native-English speakers with teaching experience registered in the greater Dortmund area, and so I was given the go-ahead.

Today I was invited to come to discuss and sign my contract on 29 March. I am to then start a bit of training on 5 April, with a planned formal first day on the job set for 18 April.

(I have been doing a bit of pickup work in the shadows of the law in the meantime. I have been assured that I am causing no trouble, and I hope that's true.)

The bad news is that I will have to buy some grown-up clothes.


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