Sunday, November 13, 2005

I was just checking out Orcinus, one of many blogs with which I'm unfamiliar, and noticed that he has written quite a bit about a certain Michelle Malkin.

Since I've chased away my reader, now is probably a bad time to ask this, but I must: who the fuck is Michelle Malkin? I mean, beyond being a conservative TV show guest (that much I gathered). I've seen her name mentioned all over lefty blogs for the last few months and am forced to wonder if she is really a big deal or if she is, in fact, a small deal being talked big by hyperventillating lefty bloggers. Is she a looming threat to all that is good and proper? Is she corrupting the utes? Or is she simply another in the seemingly endless line of TV Nazi fembots and this is much ado about nothing?


It seems that a fellow I grew up near and went to school with from 1st through 12th grade has killed himself. These things happen, of course, but this guy is a bit of a special case for me. Long story short, he was my town/milieu/gang/grade's Jeremy (in the Pearl Jam sense). I probably could have helped him avoid trouble but didn't and I participated a bit in making his life more unpleasant than it had to be (although I was also, I think, one of his friends).

To the extent that the unhappiness he must have felt before killing himself was in any way influenced by my action/inaction, I am mortified.

(A proper thing to do would be to mention his name at this point, but since Mr. Google is short on references to the fellow I'll not do so. I wouldn't want to go spreading what, it appears, is something of a secret.)


At 4:37 AM, Blogger Carlton said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Obviously it couldn't have been your fault.

As far as Ms. Malkin -- she's a Filipino-American "journalist" who has made her reputation most recently by writing a "book" defending the internment of the Japanese-Americans during WWII. What could be more charming?

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Greg said...

re. the dead fellow: yeah, I reckon not. Still, I have long had a nagging feeling about my behavior towards him. Ah well.

re. Ms. Malkin. Ah. So is she one of those folks who just pops up out of nowhere? Sprang fully formed from the forehead of Scaife? Let me guess: she is trying to rehabilitate Manzanar so as to justify Guantanamo (FDR did it so it is ok). Ugh. Is she on the TV a lot? Why does she work the bloggers up so much, you reckon?

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Scott said...

Malkin: Yeah. What Carlton said. She also got dressed down big time by Chris Matthews back when he was still having the Fox pundits on his show.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Carlton said...

Greg: Like you, I've never seen her, only read about her on the blogs. I gather she's a difficult personality in addition to having some objectionable ideas. I also gather that -- like Ms. Coulter --she's gotten to where she is partly because a certain group of men find her attractive. ("Look! A girl!") Although she isn't.

At 2:14 AM, Blogger wvbetty said...

it's totally your fault, asshole


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