Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I don't know if you have noticed the hubub (or is it a kerfluffle?) over the Danish Muhammad cartoon, but it has prompted some folks living along The Muslim Street to burn Danish flags (I saw it on the teevee), so you know it's a big deal.

- I feel rather confident this is the first time EVER anyone has burned a Danish flag, both because the Danes are not usually ones to attract attention to themselves and because there are precious few Danish flags floating around outside Denmark.
- I suspect that Jøn Såixpåk is rather chuffed to be considered rude, if only indirectly.
- The Caliph has, according to recent reports, recalled Ambassador Banderas to Baghdad for consultation.

Anywho. I reckon that it is generally poor form to go out of ones way to piss someone off and then act all "Gee whiz! Why are you so pissed off?" about it, but I certainly can't accept the idea that being rude about religion is off the table. I suspect that the motive behind these cartoons (which I have not seen) may have been less than honorable, insofar as they sound sorta lame and broad, but will defend, to the death, a cartoonist's right to be an annoying hack.

I also think that if you are the sort of person who would do much more than blink when told what a Danish newspaper published (assuming you don't live in or near Denmark), then you are weird. Burning a Danish flag is a waste of perfectly good fire.