Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I have a few things to say. I'm gonna say 'em.

1. The Mexican election, which I mentioned would take place on Sunday, took and may still be taking place. I haven't been following things closely, but from what I understand there is a disputed result, with the conservative PAN candidate claiming victory and the leftish PRD candidate claiming fraud. I reckon that it is totally possible, even likely, that there was fraud because * it is Mexico, * the PAN is connected to the Bushies, * the PAN tried, and failed, to keep Obrador (PRD) from running to begin with, * Obrador led in pretty much all polls for the past two years, * the result is razor thin, and * the "winners" claim there were tons of blank or improper ballots. Basically, I'm waiting. I hope the regular folk of Mexico don't get fooled again.

2. There has been much discussion of what Matarazzi said to Zidane to provoke him. I don't care. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something nasty, but still don't care. I also am not worked up about what Zidane did. I hate intentional fouls in soccer, of course, but mostly because those are a form of cheating. Such things as what de Rossi did to McBride are intended to take the other player out of the game. What Zidane did, on the other hand, was plain ole "I'm very angry" stuff. One should not forget that professional athletes are adults, and sometimes adults get so angry at other adults that they choose violence. I, myself, have never done this, but it is not a cause for undue alarm. The miracle is that it doesn't happen more often, and that miracle has a name: civilization.

3. The World Cup had some really interesting non-sport effects on Germany. One totally positive one was that it boosted the average German's belief in the idea that he or she is capable of being viewed by the outside world as a pleasant host. This could do wonders for the "service desert" that is this country. Fingers crossed. Also positive was the management style of Klinsman and the way in which he was vindicated after having been attacked from all sides for two years. Basically, he was decisive and optimistic and welcomed risk. These are not common German stereotypes, suffice it to say. Perhaps Joe German will now take a few bills out of his MASSIVE pile of savings (seriously: this is a country of savers) and spend a little or invest a little or move around a little or try something new. I am less pleased, however, about the much ballyhooed upsurge in German "patriotism", which has been manifested largely by a plague of flags and people telling journalists that they are "proud". I don't trust flagwavers and I don't trust people who are proud of things like countries. I am (in theory if not in practice) proud of things I have done, but think it illogical to be proud of strangers actions. I can be, and often am, happy for them and happy to be around them and benefit from their actions. No more than that. Pride is dangerous. It is the first step on an ugly road. And it goeth oft before a fall.

4. Syd Barrett was very much alive until recently. He is now dead. Axes played no role in his death.

5. With Occam's Hammer in hand, I announce the victory of the American League over the National League in tonight's All Star game. You heard it here first?

6. I gotta get me one of them youtubes. They seem pretty cool.


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous wvbetty said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging, you douchebag! Please come visit soon, asshole! I can cuss you out in person, I know how much you like it.

At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Mama Spell said...

Axes played no role in his death.

What about Slash?


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