Monday, July 10, 2006

Of 64 games I correctly predicted 34 (35 if you count England/Paraguay). Better than I expected.

Germany did really well, and everyone is all frothed up here.

Turns out, also, that my town is slam full of Italians, and though I rooted against them, I have to give them credit for fan support. The city blocked off several streets for an impromptu parade (which I followed for a while). Horns are still honking.

I am going to South Africa. That's it, as Jules said. I'm fuckin' goin'.

I may go to the European championship in 2008, too.

I'm telling you: atmosphere.


At 5:15 AM, Anonymous wvbetty said...

I was literally 100% undecided as to which team I wanted to win until the 85th minute when I finally committed to France. That lasted until the overtime head-butting-chesting thing... then I was, let's just say, not upset that Italy took it. It was a great game. I am sad the world cup is over... I always get a little maudlin after the final.

At 5:18 AM, Anonymous wvbetty said...

P.S. word on the street is that Kofi Annan would prefer South Africa spend its money on hospitals and schools rather than soccer stadiums... South Africa is not set in stone... so says the word on the street. If it is in S.A. I'll see you there. I've always wanted to visit Gandhi's old stomping grounds when he was still wearing barrister costumes... his pre-homespun days.


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