Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ahem. So.

Germany did beat Sweden and England sqwoke by Ecuador (how much luck do those fuckwads get?), but otherwords I was way off.

In my defense, Mexico DID outplay Argentina (going so far as scoring a goal for them) and really only lost as punishment for numbnuttery, the Netherlands DID spank Portugal (and the other way around), but I didn't mean it literally, and Australia DID shock Italy (speaking of lucky fuckwads).

I was utterly wrong about the Ukraine/Switz and Spain/France.

As to the Ghana game: the Ghana defenders, in at least two of the goal moments and during several almost-a-goals, just totally disappeared. It was as if they had somewhere more important they suddenly had to be. Ghana's schizophrenic play, and Brazil's "easy" victory despite being outplayed up and down the field, caused Birgit to bring up the possiblity of cash changing hands. I think there may be something to that.

So, First round 25 and 23, second round 4 and 4.

I am 29 and 27, if that is possible.

Quarterfinal predictions, for what they are worth . . .

Germany will play the Argentina that played Mexico, and will win.
England really has to lose sooner or later, and as much as I doubt Portugal's fortitude, it will have to be them.
Ugh. pUkraine versus shItaly. Can they both lose? pUkraine will win.
And France versus Brazil? Man. It don't get easy, this pickin. I'll say France has found its form. Ugh.

Did I mention that I'm going to Berlin?

(On baseball: I think the Cubs are paying the Pirates to keep them out of last place)


At 8:37 AM, Blogger eldan said...

I felt like Ghana's biggest problem was an inability to finish, and it had me wondering: imagine if Shevchenko—the only Ukraine player who looked impressive, but was stuck without support—were Ghanaian... would that team be a world-beater?

Oh, and England really have been depressing this year, but sometimes they have a way of being just good enough for almost any opponent, so Portugal might just force them to play some good football. They certainly won't let them get away with the crap they've been producing so far.

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous wvbetty said...

Update: Pittsburgh Pirates are now at 13 straight losses... and counting, I'm sure.


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