Thursday, April 15, 2004

Cubs 8, Pirates 3. The good guys are now 4-4 AND Mark Prior has thrown a baseball *from a mound*. Hope springs eternal.

In other news: plagiarism springs eternal, despite my vivid and (meant-to-be) chilling warnings regarding what would happen to such evildoers who hate freedom. I believe that my students must learn that Gregmericuh is a country that means what it says, so I'm turning the blog over to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Punishing Students for Cheating, Donald Rumsfeld. Don?

Thank you.
The problem is that when people have freedom, sometimes they do things they may not should do. Should the students have cited their sources? Probably. Should they have used quotation marks when quoting? You betcha. Did they? You be the judge. Will they pay for their crimes? Yeah. Are they gonna hate it? I'm sure. What were they thinking? This is what I like to call an unknown unknown.
Thank you.

Thanks, Don.

We have a saying back in Zimbabwe, well, in Mexico or Alabama, but probably in Zimbabwe too, that says "Fool on the hill? Only a fool would say that. Foolin'? Everybody plays the fool." And I believe that historians will look back and agree.


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