Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A rundown:

Spain is pulling its troops out of Iraq, ASAP.
Honduras is doing the same.
Bob Woodward's new book is making waves.
John (fucking) Negroponte will be US ambassador to Iraq.
Afghanistan's national soccer team ran away.

Things could be worse, I reckon. But then, my capacity for reckoning exceeds that of most humans: I am a mighty reckoner.

And then there is Diego Maradonna, who has nothing much to do with Dubyah (except for the drugs and alcohol, possibly). Can you believe Maradonna is only 43? Yeesh. He looks like Avery Schreiver. A message to the kids: drugs are bad, mmn kay?

Thursday: Cubs 10, Pirates 5
Friday: Cubs 11, Reds 10
Saturday: Cubs 2, Reds 3
Sunday: Cubs 10, Reds 11
Monday: Cubs 8, Reds 1

7-6 so far then. Not bad, considering that Maddux is winless and Prior hasn't pitched at all (and may not: could it be that they wore his arm out last season just as they did during Wood's first season? The young fella DID pitch a ton of innings last year).

If anyone reading this is actually in Guadalajara and would like to buy a few things (car, fridge, tv, vcr, stereo, lamp, fan, blender, space heater, phone) for a good price, let's talk!


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