Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bokeem Woodbine, by the way, has been in lots of things unfamiliar to me. I've seen him in "The Rock" (which I hated so bad that I barely recall it) and "Dead Presidents". I must remember him from DP, cuz I lurrrrve that movie. Way underrated. It also has a wonderful soundtrack AND was one reason for my praise of Larenz Tate, below.

Mr Woodbine was also in an episode of the X-Files. So, you know. That. That tickles my nerdbone.

[ETA: he was also in "Crooklyn", which I loved. I don't remember him in it, though.]

It seems he is in a bit of an action rut. I think he has "charasma" (as the weirdo said in David Lee Roth's "Just a Gigilo" video) and should get better roles.

I am listening to (and almost actually) "Dancing With Myself". Which rocks. And is about masturbation.


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