Friday, January 06, 2006

Lou Rawls has died.

"You'll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)" is just an awesome song. It is so awesome that it prompted me to accumulate 25 other Lou Rawls songs.

They, um, range in quality from not awesome to awesomly unawesome. But that one song. Man. Awesome.

Rest in peace, Mr Rawls. I'm gonna miss your lovin' (so to speak).

MEANWHILE, IN GERMANY (where I live) . . . [a new feature on this blog]

I don't mean to give away state secrets (so I will stay on the vague side), but a fellow I teach works for a big American company that sells things to a HUGE American retailer. Said retailer has had a notoriously (at least among those who follow such things) shitty run of things since entering the German market. This year has been no different. In fact, it's been REALLY bad, sales wise, I'm given to understand, this past year.

Happy Happy. Joy Joy.

The big retailer is one you know if you live in North America, by the way. They recently built a new center which is known as "super" right up against the Teotihuacan pyramid complex near Mexico City. Bastards.

They are finding Euros harder to come by than Pesos and Dollars, at least.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Carlton said...

I saw Lou Rawls perform once at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival on Moscow Idaho -- how that happened in Idaho, I dunno, but Hamp himself was there. Rawls had a great voice. Didn't he do the version of "Sweet Home Chicago" that WGN used as a promo spot when we were kids? (I figure you as a Cubs fan would know this.)

Did I miss Clyde Kennard day AGAIN? When is it?

And WTF is up at USM -- probation?

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Greg said...

I actually don't know when Clyde Kennard day is/was, but saw a news report the other day regarding his case and was prompted to mention it because I recall thinking that Clyde Kennard Day (noble sentiment aside) was a rather odd holiday (and, of course, it wasn't really a holiday, but still).

I think you're right about Lou doing that version. If you want a real kick, listen to him sing "Dead End Street". That's unintentionally funny, yet somehow cool in a sorta Vegas sense.

As to USM, check with Scott. He's been following all that business, I think.


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