Thursday, June 29, 2006

I must apologize for having let World Cup hoopla push the following story out of my forebrain: Mexico will elect a president on Sunday.

This could have a high level of significance. Basically, if the PRI candidate wins (not likely), it will return to power the party that ran the joint for over 70 years. If Obrador (of PRD) wins (a distinct possibility), it would mean aNOTHER leftish government in Latin America (everything's coming up izquierda lately, or somethin'), and aNOTHER one whose oil reserves give it the potential, a la Venezuela, to hold the USA by the shorthairs. A PAN win (possible), would mean more of the same ole same ole (Fox is from PAN): more NAFTA, more economic refugees, more corruption, more drugwar, etc.

Attention must be paid.

(Note the cool "no more campaigning for a couple of days" rule. I think I like that.)


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous wvbetty said...

how was berlin dude? How 'bout that german keeper. Why is it necessary for Germans to cheat to win? Oh I know, b/c they're dirty double dealing krauts, that's why. Ollie Kahn wouldn't have needed a cheat sheet!

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Greg said...

I wasn't in Berlin. I'm going for the 3rd place and final games on 8 and 9 july.

And how was that cheating? Ollie Kahn no longer has the legs to make the jumps suggested on the cheat sheet!

But it was sweet of OK to go snuggle up to Jensi before the shootout.


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