Sunday, April 06, 2003

In keeping with my brief (?) foray into nerdish asides (but with a dash of war tossed in to keep things lively) I'll mention here that back when I collected comic books my favorite was NOT

-- the X-Men. They were cool, I suppose, but I partly avoided them because my friends were all so high on them. I used whatever X-Men comics I could lay my hands on to trade for a pile of my real favorite . . .

-- which was NOT Spiderman. I always liked Spiderman, but not enough to collect his comics. Instead I traded them for comics which . . .

-- did NOT feature the Hulk. Too much rage (and I thought they were even worse, ironically, after Banner took over the brain full time). No, instead I read

-- Captain America! I've got lots of Captain America comics. I like(d) the fact that he didn't really have any powers (like Batman, but Batman was rich and belonged to DC, who burns us, precious, with their nassssty cruel Supermanses). Nope. Make Mine Marvel and Cap (and the Avengers).

I regret therefore, that I fell out of the habit. Had I kept up with things, I would have read some interesting stories AND been a tiny fleck on the burr up the ass of Michael Medved!!!

(link found via Franklin Harris)


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