Sunday, April 06, 2003

I've been getting my war on too much, lately (pretty much every blog I've posted has been about it, in fact), so I thought I'd get my nerd on instead.

I just finished rereading Lord of the Rings for the guhzillionth time and was thinking, while basking in my nerdity, about how Peter Jackson has apparently signed on to do (yet another bloody) King Kong. He SHOULD be working on a Hobbit film!!!

It could open like this: Merry (or Pippen, or Sam) is an old hobbit sitting around with some hobbitlings. One of them says "tell us a story!" (or something to that effect) and Merry (or Pippen, or Sam) agrees to, and then reaches for the Red Book of Westmarch (or something) and starts to tell the story of "The Hobbit".

If Jackson acts quickly, he could probably get several of the same actors to reprise their roles. Merry (or P or S) at the start of the film, and then you could have McKellan as Gandalf again, Serkis as Gollum, and Matrix dude as Elrond. We may need someone new to play a younger Bilbo.

A really cool thing would be to have Rhys-Davies playing Gloin (Gimli's dad) and to have what's-his-lips make a cameo as Legolas (when the adventure takes them to the Wood Elves kingdom).

I'm just sayin. If you talk to Peter Jackson, tell him I think he should do it.


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