Saturday, February 14, 2004

Because you need to know, and want to know, I shall reveal all relevant information in my possession with regard to the controversy over Dubyah's Air National Guard Career.

Lady and Gentleman, I, the droid for whom you are not looking, was in Montgomery, Alabama in 1972 and 1973. I was there several times during that period, what with Montgomery being just down the road from Bessemer and my uncle J.L. and his then-wife and their lovely daughters living there.

I do not recall seeing Dubyah.

Mind you, a fellow like Dubyah could do worse than go to Montgomery if he wanted to lay low. As any Alabamian knows (and numerous outside agitators can back us up), the town was and is chock a block with idiots of all stripes. And as for Dubyah working for Red Blount: 49% of the people in the city worked for Red at the time, with the other 50% working for George Wallace and the remaining 1% peddling Zelda Fitzgerald and Hank Williams souveniers. Dubyah could have sat naked on Goat Hill with a bottle of Dom in one hand and a bag of Colombian powder in the other and would have been troubled only by a few rednecks looking for the Jeff Davis memorial star.

I was a baby at the time, of course, but still.

I heard, while blogging "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 and "Il ne Fait pas Briser un Reve" by Eva Busch (kin?).


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