Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So the world awaits the new Mel Gibson flick on the crucifiction of Jeebus. Rumor has it that the film may be more than a tad anti-semitic.

Pre-viewing thoughts:

1) Of course it will be, if it is based on the traditional Christian story.
2) The big surprise will be how he manages to work in there something about a certain perfidious race which dwelleth upon a part of an isle. This will be difficult to pull off, since during the alleged life of Jeebus, there weren't yet any such folks as the English, but Mel is a can-do kind of guy.
3) How will Jeebus rally his troops? Will he say something about how the bad guy (the Debill? Ooh! Satan will be English!) is trying to take away or otherwise monkey around with someone's freedom? This will be hard, since the Debill is all about freedom. Maybe Jeebus will say we "will never let him give us our FREEDOM!"
4) Will Jeebus surprise everyone by revealing that he is not, in fact, the Count of Monte Cristo?

I, for one, can't wait. Weweese Woderwick!


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