Sunday, February 27, 2005

Just below, I said that : "'Billion Dollar Babies' might suck ass ('Mystic Rhythms' was definitely overrated: and what is with Clint Eastwood and his rocksong movie names?)."

I didn't mean to suggest that BDB really sucks ass. I meant "might" in the sense that it, as the frontrunner, might be so bad that "Ray" or "Sideways" (or whatever else is nominated) might win by default.

However, A Reliable Source has informed me that BDB is quite good.

I am prepared to accept that. I haven't seen it yet, and have no idea when it will come out here.

And Hillary Swank is a fox.

And "Mystic Rhythms" was good, until the parade scene. That was so bad that it made the rest of the movie overrated.


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