Sunday, April 06, 2003

Ok. I've now read another review of the latest doings of Captain America and am a good bit less sorry I've missed it.

Still. I'm glad Medved is pissed.

(link from Franklin Harris again)

While I'm thinking about Cap, neither review (and there is a third on Harris's blog) mentions what was going on right around the time I stopped collecting (the 80s). Cap had his card pulled, back then, because he wasn't sufficiently a tool of the US government. His argument, if I recall correctly, was that he represented IDEALS. The government's argument was that they made him what he was so they'd very much like thier costume back, thanks. So he put on a new costume, got a new shield from the Black Panther, called himself "the Captain" (yawn), and fought "Super Patriot" (hehe!).

Reminds me of why I stopped reading the thing.

Actually, not long before all of this happened Cap killed some people and it REALLY bothered him. That was a good story. The cover of one issue had Cap with a snarl on his face emptying out an uzi on someone. I copied the cover in my own hand and was well-pleased with my work.



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